Major Accomplishments


  • Providing emergency relief assistance to over 3,000 Vietnamese American residents post-Katrina;
  • Developing a trailer site that provided 199 trailer homes to hundreds of returnees;
  • Engaging nearly 1,000 community members in identifying community needs and articulating priorities for neighborhood rebuilding process;
  • Offering culturally competent case management services to over 1,200 community members;
  • Secured $12.5mm State Tax Credits to develop 84-units of affordable senior housing;
  • Completed feasibility analysis for a 300-unit senior housing project;
  • Hosting and organizing small business loan fair with five lenders present and over 35 small businesses in attendance;
  • Assisting Village de l’Est business owners to secure over $2M in capital to rebuild or expand their businesses;
  • Gaining support and endorsements from over 50 local and national groups to form a long-term debris management and recycling plan;
  • Organizing over 500 Vietnamese American residents to stop the Chef Menteur landfill located near the community;
  • Mobilizing over 500 community members to participate in the Unified New Orleans Planning process. At each of the UNOP meetings, language translations and interpretations were organized by MQVN CDC staff. Participation in these citywide meetings resulted in the community being chosen as one of the target zones for recovery by the City of New Orleans;
  • Collaborating with Children’s Hospital and Tulane Medical School to start two bridge health clinics in New Orleans East;
  • Approved for a Charter to open the Intercultural Charter School in the community;
  • Hosting a bi-lingual district D and E city council candidate forum; and
  • Assisting the short- and long-term needs of hundreds of fisherfolk affected by BP oil drilling disaster.

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